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Capital One Bank’s “Getting Down to Business” Class for BPBCC Businesses

Capital One Bank, in partnership with the BPBCC, offered its members an opportunity to participate in a 16-week specialized business training and development program.

Capital One selected up to 15 business owners to participate in their highly effective business training and development class from a wide pool of submissions. The class is an extensive course that allows participants to receive up to $2000.00 in matching savings to develop their business, networking with key leaders in the banking industry and invaluable knowledge on how to effectively grow and prosper their business. Slated to begin in the second quarter of the year.

Announcement:  BPBCC Chamber Member Monica Gilliam was among the 15 business finalists selected by Capital One Bank to participate in this exciting business training opportunity.  Congratulations Monica!

Date: 6/15/11