Diane Tezeno

Public Relations & Marketing Director

Diane Tezeno is the public relations and marketing director for the Bethel’s Place Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

She helps to promote the chamber and its services to local businesses and entrepreneurs to encourage member enrollment and engagement in use of chamber membership services and development tools.

As director of publicity, communications and marketing for the Bethel’s Place Black Chamber of Commerce, she works to establish alliances with businesses of all sizes to help businesses remain viable in an ever-increasing global marketplace. Her desire is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools to build thriving businesses that develop economic power, provide jobs and revitalize communities.

She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in business administration with a major in marketing. A native of Houston, Texas, she enjoys writing, traveling, watching movies, book publishing and empowering small business owners and the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. She is married to David Tezeno, a local police chief, and has two daughters, Courtney and Chelsea, and two sons, Delvric and Daven.