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About VizTV Media Services | Bethel's Place Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

VizTV Media Services

Technical Operations

VizTV Media Services is a downtown Houston based graphic design, web development & design, photography, video production, and SEO company. VizTV Media Services is headed by its founder, R. Shanklin. VizTV Media Services

Mr. Shanklin, a lifetime member of the BPBCC and Chief Technical officer, has made the services of his firm available to the BPBCC in perpetuity.

VizTV Media Services is responsible for web administration, graphic design, and provides on going support for the BPBCC’s web network, the Empower Magazine network, and related apparatia. R. Shanklin is the Chief Online Technical Officer as it relates to the management, growth, construction, marketing, and functionality of the BPBCC’s online spectrum of properties.

In his spare time, Mr. Shanklin enjoys exploring strategic theory, sharpening the claws of his business by continuing education, watching cerebral movies, reading novels, watching documentaries, and war gaming online with his friends. Mr. Shanklin (as Mr. Shank) is also a recognizable figure in the local Houston urbanite music atmosphere as founder of Tha Federation, an independent label management firm, and as a hobbyist recording artist.